Aluminum pressure die-casting

Aluminium pressure die-casting

VibroPress has experience with aluminums die-casting process parts manufacturing. We have various production lines with capacity up to 750 tons. closing force. With die-casting, manufacturing process it is possible to produce parts as engine parts, components for the electrical sector, items for the agricultural and livestock sector and item for many other sectors in different aluminum alloys.
We work all kinds of aluminum alloy
We are able to produce articles with any type of aluminum alloy. Generally, the most used ones are the following:
  • EN AB-46100
  • EN AB-46000
  • EN AB-47100
  • EN AB-44300
The die-casting process
Aluminium die-casting
The process begins with the aluminum alloy melting inside the melting furnace, which is then degassed and discharged to be inserted inside the ladles and placed in the holding furnaces that maintain stable temperature of the molten bath. Then the aluminum is removed, poured, injected and casted into the dies of the mold. The die-casted pieces are extracted by an anthropomorphic robots and positioned on conveyor belts, where they are cooled and separated from the cooling –gate system by the trimming tool.
High precision for every detail realization
X-ray control
Our die-casting process is constantly supervised and subjected to continuous checks that start from the raw material analysis and end with the radioscopic, dimensional and surface control of the die-casted part.

In the controlled production section, we present in detail the machinery and the activities that allow us to guarantee a quality level at the highest industrial standards.
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